Dear Tiny Tots,

It was a wonderful experience for Adwika in this school. She has started loving going to school, has picked up skills so well that it is beyond imagination. The efforts taken by the teachers are praise worthy. Thank you very much for taking such good care of Adwika.

Thank you,


Dear Tiny Tots and the management,

it is a real hard task managing, handling, planning and synchronizing with these little angels. A big hearty thanks to you all for being protective and an inspiration to all of these little angels and us parents too. May God bless you with success and prosperity for your hard work. Thanks once again for being so patient and compassionate with our little ones.

Cedrich and Maria Gonsalves (Craig’s parents)

Cedrich and Maria Gonsalves (Craig’s parents)

Dear Tiny Tots,

It was a wonderful, superb performance by “little angels”. Thanks to such lovely wonderful teachers who have put so much effort in this.  Hats off to you! Children in Tiny Tots are shining stars. Keep it up- Cheers!!!

Muskaan Raney

Dear Tiny Tots,

We are highly thankful to you for giving us the opportunity to see our kids Adrian and Ryan perform on stage for the very first time in our lives. This is a memorable moment and I once again thank you for giving us this cherished moment.

Lots of love,

Riny and Jenny

Dear Tiny Tots Team,

My sunshine (Adwait) loves it here!! Every morning he is ready to go to his “school”.  So thanks a lot!!

To The Amazing Tiny Tots Team,

Our son Arnav was in Tiny Tots from September 2008. We really found the school to be an excellent nurturing ground. We are really happy with the overall development of our child and the support he has gotten.

Wishing you the very best,
Vipin V.

Dear teachers and entire team at Tiny Tots,

Thank you all of you for the assurance that Niki is in safe hands while we are at work. She has really become active and her little vocabulary has improved after she joined the school. Good Luck!

Geetha and Rohit (Parents of Niki)

Dear Tiny Tots,

Thank you Tiny Tots staff for making Lynn prepared for her future schooling. With your support she has grown confident over the months and amazes us each day. We are happy that Lynn is a student of Tiny Tots.

To Tiny Tots,

Thank you Tiny Tots for all your effort to make my Abdullah enjoy his nursery. I have seen the difference in his way of conversing English, and his confidence while talking. Wish you all the best and prosperity. Will miss Tiny tots. I would refer all my friends to Tiny Tots.

Almas Shafee (Abdullah’s mom)

Dear Lizzy Ma’am,

Ananya is the center of our little family’s life. We wouldn’t trust anybody to care for her as much as we do. But we trust Tiny Tots as it is now our family too.

Ananya has enjoyed everyday learning, growing, sharing, and even caring for the little ones. She couldn’t have had a better start in life.

Thank you for everything you have done for Ananya.

Love, from all at Ananya’s house.

Dear Lizzy and all the teachers and nannies,

I want to thank all of you here for the wonderful work that you do. My son Nathan couldn’t have had a better introduction to nursery environment before starting formal school. Tiny Tots is characterized by genuine love, care and attention to these little angels. I have told all my friends about Tiny Tots. God bless the work of your hands!